Chaos & Order

I. Chaos
Moments unsteady beat
Into rawhide, oblong
Drums representing
Separate instances all
Swung upwards in vast
Dissonant intervals,
A pungent drone like
Herd animals bleating
Cries at the unforgiving cold
Of a deep winter’s night


Peaking viscerally
In and out of
Swirling colors absent
Form struggles to be.
Like the firefly’s glow
Amidst menacing and
Habitual dark
It thrives but for a
Moments unsteady beat
Into rawhide, oblong
Drums representing
Separate instances all,
And darkness recollapses


Chaos revels,
I am sworn against its motion.
II. Order
And over the chaos—success!
Momentum is gained,
Ecstasy is directed into a circular motion!
Order is circumscribed ‘round its edges
With patterns of lights and sound,
A seraphic singing,
A definite language,
Efficient phonetics, and beauty.
The inspired sound folds
And builds lattice-work harmonies upon itself
Bracing one octave against another
To the architectural heights
Where a point of observation can be built.


From a point of observation
Can come a point of reflection
It is a process—processes develop—
Affecting and extinguishing chaos,
With academies and libraries,
Rising from the depths of a will,
Domed roofs,
Rows and the columns,
All variables defined,
All persons accounted for.


Moments of brilliance
Now vary sinusoidally with darkness.
They, like the perfect gleam
Of a rounded glass containing,
Focusing the erratic gleams
Of a firefly’s glow,
Light an understood summer’s night.
And come night, I retire
And practice porch arts,
And look out at the labyrinths I’ve sown,
Imposed and sustainable nourishment,
I sit and I strum
A Pythagorean lute,
A stringed instrument
That is always perfectly in tune.


I am pleased with the synchronization.
Everything is synchronized.
But I’ve never felt more alone.


Hmm….How to start……I had the same problem when I started my Tumblr–Fuck opening posts. I don’t want anyone to ever be that interested in this WordPress that go back to watch me progress from the beginning. Can I just start with ‘Hello internet person’ and get on to the content? Naw…That wouldn’t cut it…

How to start then…Perhaps with nothing…That’d be easy…But we already covered that. Me and worked that out before you got here…

In the beginning, before this post, there was no domain, there was only chaos. Then Tom Barnes logged on to the internet and asked WordPress to make a WordPress blog for him. And so it was. Tom Barnes looked over his new creation and saw that it was good. And then Tom Barnes rested. Shit took like 15 minutes, and he was tired. So Tom Barnes blessed the 16th minute and hallowed it, and declared that henceforth every 16th minute we stop working, sit back, and kick it, and praise the powers that be, the powers of creation, for one minute before getting back to work again. And so it was…

Yup, nothingness. That was it…How it all most likely began…A bunch of ellipses, and and‘s, so‘s, and then‘s…All black…like black on black things you can’t read, black fonts on black backgrounds…like New Yorkers in winter…All black errything…