Hmm….How to start……I had the same problem when I started my Tumblr–Fuck opening posts. I don’t want anyone to ever be that interested in this WordPress that go back to watch me progress from the beginning. Can I just start with ‘Hello internet person’ and get on to the content? Naw…That wouldn’t cut it…

How to start then…Perhaps with nothing…That’d be easy…But we already covered that. Me and worked that out before you got here…

In the beginning, before this post, there was no domain, there was only chaos. Then Tom Barnes logged on to the internet and asked WordPress to make a WordPress blog for him. And so it was. Tom Barnes looked over his new creation and saw that it was good. And then Tom Barnes rested. Shit took like 15 minutes, and he was tired. So Tom Barnes blessed the 16th minute and hallowed it, and declared that henceforth every 16th minute we stop working, sit back, and kick it, and praise the powers that be, the powers of creation, for one minute before getting back to work again. And so it was…

Yup, nothingness. That was it…How it all most likely began…A bunch of ellipses, and and‘s, so‘s, and then‘s…All black…like black on black things you can’t read, black fonts on black backgrounds…like New Yorkers in winter…All black errything…


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